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The founders of The Singularity Group, Evelyne Pflugi and Tobias Reichmuth - both experts in asset management, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology - had a conversation about how investment opportunities in innovation have something in common: They are expensive, only feature the obvious tech ventures and entirely ignore established companies. Soon after, an idea was born: to make exponential innovation investible across industries comprising a range of the most promising equities from traditional to unicorn. Founded in Switzerland to conquer the Singularity Universe, we have reshaped the world of innovation investments since 2017. Our expertise encompasses investment strategy, asset management, stock analysis and entrepreneurship, combining to a total of 50 years of experience.


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Evelyne Pflugi is our CEO and Co-Founder.

Previously, she was Portfolio Manager of the Energy Fund and active manager of various mandates in Natural Resources at GAM Investment Management in Zurich. Prior to this, Evelyne was a Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Capital Research Global Investors in London. She began her career at The Capital Group in Los Angeles, California.  

Evelyne holds a Masters degree in Engineering from ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with concentrations in  Food Science, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Evelyne's established investment track record and expertise over the past decade has pushed boundaries for new successful investment opportunities. She is a recognized authority on markets and investing, including alternative investments in liquid and illiquid new products, and has often presented at conferences and special events. Publicly, she has presented as an expert on major international televised networks and is often quoted in the press. 

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Maja Gajic is our Head of Finance and Operations. 

She brings a wealth of broad financial, operations and managerial experience. Previous manager and senior administrative roles included Finance Manager for Uber in Switzerland as well as Administration and Operations Manager at Crypto Real Estate AG.

Maja is also co-founder of automotive services company Agentara where she oversees operational, strategic, human resources and financial planning.  Accuracy and perfectionism characterize Maja. 

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Gregory is our Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Previously, he was Senior Portfolio Manager and Deputy Head Alternative Investments at Swisscanto Invest where he was responsible for Liquid Alternatives including hedge fund and cross-asset alternative risk premia (ARP) solutions. Before that he worked for UBS Global Asset Management as a Hedge Fund Analyst and Portfolio Manager.

Gregory holds a Master in Banking and Finance from University of St. Gallen (HSG) with an emphasis on quantitative finance, corporate finance and econometrics. He earned a Bachelor in Banking and Finance from University of Zurich and is a CAIA charterholder.

Gregory brings with him a wealth of experience in institutional investment management from asset allocation and portfolio construction to investment due diligence and risk management.

He is also deeply passionate about the Sport of Fitness and has competed in the CrossFit Games (world championships) in the USA in 2018 and 2017.

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Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu is our Head of Research.

She is a globally recognized corporate advisor, best-selling author, and university professor focused on emerging risks, geopolitics, and disruptive technologies. Outside of The Singularity Group, Aleksandra is Senior Nonresident Fellow with the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C., lecturer in international relations at the University of Zurich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG), author of the book "Africa and China", and founder of Magpie Advisory, a geopolitical risk and global foresight research and advisory firm.

Her work has been featured in major media outlets including CNN Money Switzerland, Axios, Monocle24 Radio, The National Interest, and Democracy: A Journal of Ideas - as well as in sessions in the European Parliament, the World Economic Forum, and in testimony before the United States Senate. 

Prior to joining The Singularity Group, Aleksandra worked as Geopolitical Specialist and Member of Senior Staff at Zurich Insurance, and served as a Senior Analyst with responsAbility Investment AG, where she oversaw debt and equity investments in the African region and the renewable energy and financial technology sectors. She has held additional advisory and research roles with Controls Risks, Stanford University, and the Universit of Oxford. Aleksandra earned her PhD and M.Phil from the University of Oxford and her BA. from Northwestern University.  


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Katharina Böhringer is our Chief Communications Officer (CCO).

She’s a communications expert specialised in (digital) marketing and content strategy, content creation, campaigning, public relations (PR), consulting, journalism and copywriting. She’s a creative mind, strategic thinker and dedicated copywriter who has gathered a unique blend of experience spanning a 15 year career. She built and led the content creation and PR department of premium sportswear brand KJUS where she shaped the brand image, tonality and storytelling approach. She spearheaded international campaigns from ideation to implementation for different channels (on-, offline, POS) and evaluation. Prior to that, she was a PR consultant in the healthcare sector and has worked as a journalist since 2002 for publications such as Frankfurter Rundschau and sueddeutsche.de. Before joining the Singularity Group she was the Head of Marketing of fintech startup Advanon. She graduated from KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Katharina is passionate about writing. Crafting sentences and stories has been her signature skill since early school days. The essence of what defines her today has evolved from writing. And it came with some superlatives: from driving off the world’s highest tee in South Africa to attending the world’s longest concert of a solo artist (27 hours, no sleep) in Paris. She likes to challenge herself and as a result is a late-starter in horse riding (early 20s), skiing and golfing (early 30s). Recently, she joined an ambitious soul and gospel choir. She loves music, tennis, literature - and above all spending time with her eight year old daughter and exploring the world through her eyes.

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Dita Bunjaku is our Client and Event Coordinator. 

Dita brings experience from a wide range of coordinative roles. After working at the University of Zurich, she graduated from business school. Before joining The Singularity Group, she lived in New York as an exchange student. She plays an important key role in communication as well as in the organization and coordination of events. 

Dita also acts as an executive assistant to management for client and partner related tasks.

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Béla von Mérey is a Business Analyst Intern.

He studied Business Administration and currently attains his Masters degree at Hochschule St. Gallen (HSG). Before joining us, he worked as an Analyst Trainee at HSZ Group in Hong Kong, in Business Development for Merisana AG and Teralytics. During his studies, he was part of the production and screenwriter team for SRF sitcom “Vier Wänd”, which led to co-founding MTM Collective GmbH, a video production company.

When he’s not researching and analyzing data for us or writing papers for his Masters, he competes in tennis, plays football and spends time with his family. He also plays the piano and equally appreciates classical music and old-school hip hop.


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Eric Sarasin is Chairman of the Board at The Singularity Group.

He has a 30 year track record in Banking at Morgan Stanley, Pictet & Cie, Citibank, and most recently Bank Sarasin (Today Bank J. Safra Sarasin). 

At Bank Sarasin he held various senior leadership positions across many business lines and developed the formerly family-owned bank into one of the leading private banks of Switzerland, culminating in his role as Group Deputy CEO.

Eric is on the Board of several privately held companies and investment firms.  He is on the board of 1875 Finance, Benpac AG and Chair of TIGER21 Switzerland, a selective peer membership organization for specially qualified entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors.  

During his career, Eric held many public, non private and cultural leadership roles including 12 years as the President of the Swiss-German Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the executive Board of the Cancer League of Basel, Animal Hospital Basel, Gertrude von Meissner Foundation, SwissPeace, the Paul Jenni Foundation, Maurice E. Muller Foundation, Race for Water, as well as leadership and participation in NGOs including Human Rights Watch.

He is an avid investor and active philanthropist.  Eric is married, has four children, and lives in Basel, Switzerland.


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Tobias is co-Founder of The Singularity Group.

He is CEO and Founder of SUSI Partners AG, a 1 bn FINMA regulated asset manager in Zug/Zürich. Since 2009, he has built up the company to become a leading financing partner for sustainable infrastructure projects globally. He is also Director of Sustainable Sarl, a Luxembourg based infrastructure investment manager and Chairman and co-Founder of Crypto Finance AG.

Prior to these endeavours, Tobias was Strategy Consultant at Boston Consulting Group and completed a PhD at the European Business School. He holds a Masters degree in International Management (CEMS) as well as a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen.

In March 2016, Tobias completed the Executive Programm at Singularity University, Palo Alto (USA).

Tobias is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Evelyne is Partner, Co-Founder at The Singularity Group.

Previously, she was Portfolio Manager of the Energy Fund and active manager of various mandates in Natural Resources at GAM Investment Management in Zurich.  Prior to this, Evelyne was a Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Capital Research Global Investors in London.  She began her career at The Capital Group in Los Angeles, California.  

Evelyne holds a Masters degree in Engineering from ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with concentrations in  Food Science, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Evelyne's established investment track record and expertise over the past decade has pushed boundaries for new successful investment opportunities. She is a recognized expert on markets and investing, including alternative investments in liquid and illquid new products, and has often presented at conferences and special events.  Publicly, she has presented as an expert on major international televised networks and is often quoted in the press. 

She is based in Zürich, Switzerland.


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Sebastian Guenther

Sebastian Guenther is an innovation consultant and business strategist at Accenture, who leads the Innovation & Design Unit in Switzerland and heads Accenture Ventures in the DACH region. His more than 10 years expertise is in identifying, developing and implementing new business models, products and services, and technologies, with particular focus on big data. In his role at Accenture, he has helped clients to establish multiple digital businesses and led them to success.

Sebastian also has broad knowledge and is engaged in the European fintech and startup ecosystems and emerging financial services landscape, i.e. as one of the co-founders of the Swiss FinTech Award program. He is a strong proponent of open innovation, collaboration, and creativity as a source of value creation. Previously, Sebastian was Strategic Product Manager at IBM where he developed 360° go-to-market strategies for their hardware and software business and supporting the business pipeline for analytics solutions.

He holds a BA in Business Informatics from Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg and the Open University London.

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Juergen Eck is an entrepreneur, biotechnology pioneer, and inventor holding over 50 patents and patent applications. He is co-founder and former CEO of BRAIN AG, a leading European industrial biotech company specializing in enzymes, performance microorganisms, and bioactive natural compounds for food, feed, cosmetics and industrial applications.

Juergen holds many notable board memberships, including with BIO Deutschland (Association of the Biotechnology Industry Germany), DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V.), and as a member of the Board of Trustees of MPI (Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology).  In 2009 to 2018 he was appointed to the Senate Commission of the German Research Foundation and the European SusChem Core Group. He was awarded ‘German Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2017.

For over 30 years Juergen has worked as an inventor and technology innovator. Having co-founded BRAIN AG in 1993, he initially established and served as Head of Research & Development, laying the foundation for the success of the company's proprietary technology platform for enzyme discovery, microbial producer strain optimization, and BioActive natural compound discovery and development. Jürgen was appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2000 and CEO in 2015, enabling further growth of the BRAIN Group including expanded pipelines of novel biological, enzyme-based, and performance microorganisms products; various spin-offs and acquisitions, and a successful IPO of BRAIN AG at the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2016.

Juergen actively represents industrial biotechnology innovations around the world. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry with focus on molecular biology and biotechnology from Darmstadt Technical University in Germany.

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David is the Founder and Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures, an early stage global investment firm focused on innovative startups.

He is an investor, entrepreneur, author, blogger, keynote speaker and thought leader of the global technology landscape. An early adopter of blockchain technologies and an active Bitcoin investor, David led the adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain in start-ups and is an advisor and investor in numerous blockchain companies and funds.

David is the Founder and a Trustee of Network Society Research (a global think tank), the Founder and Chairman of Network Society Lab (a Venture Development firm focusing on innovative startups), a Faculty Member of and Advisor to the Singularity University (CA, USA), and an Adjunct Professor at LUISS Business School in Rome (Italy).

He is also a mentor for the Thiel Fellowship, a Scientific Advisory Board Member for the Lifeboat Foundation, a Founder of the Open Government Data working group, an Advisor to the Institute of Ethics and Emergent Technologies and numerous startups in Europe and North America as well as an Advisor to Humanity+, an organization dedicated to promoting understanding and participation in the field of innovations that benefit the human condition.

David is the author of two books: “Something New” and “Network Society”.

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Felix Reiff, PhD


Felix Reiff is an innovation-driven executive in the life sciences sector and the FMCG industry. He is President of the Board of Directors of Bayer (Schweiz) AG, President of the Board of Directors of Bayer CropScience AG, and CEO of Bayer Consumer Care AG.

Felix is responsible for Bayer’s international hub in Switzerland, known for its innovation management and its leading global role in the company’s steady growth. In 2016 and 2017, Felix joined the Bayer Digital Council for the Consumer Health Division, where he successfully launched Bayer’s Digital Hub as a core knowledge center and drove implementation of the company’s digital IT agenda. Between 2018 and 2019, he served as Country President of Bayer in Switzerland and Head of the Swiss Country Leadership Team. In this role, he was responsible for the platform functions and spearheading external representations with the government, industry associations, and the media.  

Felix joined Bayer in 2005 as Head of Global Marketing of the Bayer Consumer Health Division. In 2006, he became Head of the Global Category Business Units and led the expansion of Bayer’s global Consumer Health brands. Prior to joining Bayer, Felix was CMO of Roche’s Consumer Health Division. Before that he held various senior marketing and commercial roles at Kraft Jacobs Suchard (today Mondelez) across Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Germany.

Felix holds a Masters and PhD in Law from the University of Zurich, and has completed coursework at Harvard Business School and London Business School. 


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André Hugentobler


André Hugentobler is the Global Innovation Director for Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE) at Trinseo, responsible for developing and implementing the division’s innovation strategy worldwide. He brings to the table over sixteen years of experience in commercial and technological-facing roles with expertise in advanced materials.

André began his career with the Dow Chemical Company working across the EMEA and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) regions, as well as Australia and New Zealand. In 2010 he became Market Development Manager for Asia Pacific with the Dow Chemical spin-off Styron, later rebranded Trinseo. He subsequently went on to assume Global Commercial Manager and Global Technical and Business Development Leader roles, with focus on commercial applications of advanced materials including glass fiber, adhesives and sealants, and functional nonwovens. His own product expertise is in water-based polymers, nanomaterials, and synthetic rubber.

André holds a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.


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Lars is a Swiss-German entrepreneur, scientist, writer, financial theorist, alternative investment manager. He is the author of numerous books on subjects of science and technology as well on hedge funds and a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

His writing focuses on two areas: finance and science. In his scientific writing Lars’ focus is on the history of science, the interplay of science and spiritual traditions, how science shaped and continues to shape our modern society, quantum technologies, and how the ongoing technological revolution unfolds itself. He writes a bi-weekly blog on scilogs.de and larsjaeger.ch. In finance, he has been an influential voice in the hedge fund industry fostering developments towards more transparency, liquidity, and cost efficiency.

Lars is currently Head of Alternative Risk Premia at GAM. Before that he was the founder and CEO of Alternative Beta Partners in Zug, Switzerland, that targets the extraction of alternative beta as a cost-efficient way of accessing hedge return sources.

He studied physics and philosophy at the University of Bonn in Germany and Ecole Polytechnique, in Paris and holds a doctorate degree in theoretical physics from the Max- Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden. Lars has taught at several universities over the years (European Business School, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, ETH Zurich, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, etc.)

For more information on Lars, see www.larsjaeger.ch .


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Simone is Assistant Professor for Responsive Biomedical Systems at ETH Zurich and is researching in the field of biomedical micro-and nanoengineering.

During her studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with specialization in micro/nanosystems, she researched at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, about automated drug infusion and control, and at the University of Kyoto, Japan, in the field of carbon nanotube based nanosensors.

She then joined the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) where she focused on magnetic manipulation techniques for biomedical applications. She was awarded with the ETH medal for her doctoral thesis and with fellowships from the SNSF, DAAD and the Society in Science for her postdoctoral studies at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was researching as postdoctoral fellow from 2014-2017.

She is serving as Global Future Council on the Future of Human Enhancement for the World Economic Forum. She is also co-founder of MagnebotiX, a young spin-off from ETHZ.

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Alexander is Head of Consulting at CID, a technology firm and innovator focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Management.

In his almost 20 years with CID, Alexander has developed proprietary technological solutions for web crawling, natural language processing, trend detection, and semantic graphs to support efficient information exploration, signals detection, and insights generation to benefit clients in the automotive, insurance, financial services, healthcare, and professional services industries. His background combines technological expertise with business-oriented approaches to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

In 2008, he co-founded CID’s consulting practice embedded into the enterprise software solutions company to support global enterprises establish innovative, AI-driven business models, provide next generation customer experience, and unlock data potential to better leverage market insight, increase risk awareness, and identify business opportunities.

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Naveen is Co-Founder of The Origin AG, developing transformative technologies that empower individual self-reflection and creativity.

He is a Lecturer in Robotics at ETH Zurich, affiliated with the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab. In addition, he is a historian of technology and is well-versed with the techno- cultural history and development of robotics and automation. He is a public speaker on intersectional topics of technology and society.

He holds a Ph.D and M.Sc from ETH Zurich, Switzerland and a B.Tech from National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India. He’s the recipient of the Prix OMEGA Scientifique and the Schweizer Bundes-Exzellenz-Stipendium for his doctoral research and graduate studies respectively.

He is a community builder and is engaged in various trans-disciplinary collectives and projects at the intersection of the sciences, technology, art, culture, society.

He is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Laurenz is Founder and Managing Partner of Blockwall, the first regulatory and legally compliant German crypto asset fund on investments in Distributed Ledger/Blockchain technologies offering Institutional Investors, Family Offices and the UHNW community access to this asset class.

In this function, he also advises the OECD as an industry expert on policy making for crypto assets and blockchain technology. 

Laurenz is also non-executive director in two family businesses in high-performance polymer production and a manufacturing of rheological testing devices and is both an active and passive investor in various PE and VC investments.

He is a graduate of EBS University in Germany, University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, and University of St. Andrews in Scotland where he is a member of the EO.

For more information about Blockwall, please see www.blockwall.capital .


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Agnes is Founder and CEO of Mobbot a startup offering 3D concrete printing solutions.

Before this endeavor, she was Director of Business Development & Innovation and member of the Management team of a precast and construction sector company. There, she founded and led a 3D concrete printing project for two years. She follows the 3D printing advances since 2011. Agnes started her industrial career as a consultant for the Product Innovation and Commercial services of Holcim Group Support Ltd, where she supported the Innovation and Product Portfolio strategy worldwide.

Previously she worked as a scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich and the Natural History Museum of London where she worked on the formation of the solar system and planets.

Agnes holds a PhD in Sciences with focus on Cosmochemistry and space science  from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich and a master in Geology Engineering with focus on mining from the University of Lausanne.

Agnes has always been interested in new technologies and startup world. Now she wants to bridge her two passions which are 3D printing and Space Science.
She spends her free time with her two kids and husband and has a private pilote Licence and flies on single-engine land aircrafts.

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Collin is an executive at the General Dynamics Corporation focused on the development and provisioning of space based capabilities for the Aerospace & Defense and Intelligence sectors.

Previously, he was a senior national security advisor to the Members of the US House of Representatives managing a $36bn aerospace and defense portfolio for Congress overseeing operations and making investment recommendations in advanced and emerging technologies such as satellite systems and artificial intelligence.  

Collin also worked at the White House on the National Security Council developing policy and resourcing strategies for the President's most sensitive economic, foreign policy and intelligence issues. He served as an intelligence officer and ultimately as Chief of Staff for the Director of National Intelligence managing the budget and all personel.

Collin began his career as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Booz Allen Hamilton helping the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community streamline operations.  

He holds a Master's in Business from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science from James Madison Univsersity.  He sits on the JMU Board of Directors for the Political Science Department. 

Collin is based in New York, NY and Washington, DC. 

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Ralf is CEO of TUBIS Group AG, member of different boards and President of Schluein. As former Big 4 Managing Partner and Strategic / Digital Growth Specialist he is expert in guiding the delivery of complex business transformations for global expanding companies to drive growth.

Key strengths include: leveraging deep expertise in advising global organisations on business transformations and end-to-end M&A transactions to increase revenue; identifying and delivering opportunities for cross-functional digital growth including IoT, AI and DSN to futureproof the business; utilising extensive entrepreneurial experience of both growing and establishing new businesses to open additional paths to growth; and nurturing collaborative stakeholder relationships up to board level to clearly communicate the business vision and win buy-in to the change agenda. He published extensively on IoT and is a regular speaker on the topic.

Ralf holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Ph.D. in Law from University Zurich, a Swiss Bar Exam and is Member of the Zurich Bar Association. He lives with his wife and two children in the Swiss mountains.

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Daniel is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of practical managing director level banking experience at Credit Suisse and UBS covering various disciplines in Investment Banking and Corporate Center (trading, sales, product-, project-, programme- and general management/strategic advisory) both out of Zurich and London HQs. He is also a Board Member of Global Blockchain Council.

In 2015, he co-founded nexussquared, Switzerland’s first dedicated blockchain business and start-up platform which runs regular events targeting corporate executives, blockchain start-ups and students interested in the opportunities that come with blockchain technology.

In 2016, he also founded Procivis AG, an ‘e-governement-as-a-service’ start-up leveraging smart phone and blockchain technology to deliver citizen centric services based on government-approved digital identities.


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Born in Switzerland and raised in Palo Alto, CA, Lukas co-founded Red or Blue Labs and is a recognized expert in Augmented and Virtual Reality. At Red or Blue Labs, the company and team push boundaries for uses of Virtual and Augmented Reality and its combined use with Rapid Prototyping, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and other new integrated technologies. Red or Blue Labs seeks practical applications for all their platforms and technologies, and has for example developed advanced virtual reality applications intended to dramatically improve the quality of life for the elderly.

Previously, Lukas was involved with Dacuda, a Swiss-based computer vision startup that the team sold to MagicLeap. The experience of building the company and transacting value fueled a passion to do it all again.

Lukas is a well-known moderator at conferences and large events in Switzerland and abroad and is an outspoken advocat for entrepreneurship, technology and the transformative effects thereof.

Lukas holds a degree in Finance from the University of Zurich.


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Alex is the founder and lead futurist of The Rubicon, a consultancy dedicated to exploring the potential paths of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.  The firm strives to help corporate, leading NGO and other clients understand how to approach these diverse and continuously shifting fields.

Prior to The Rubicon, Alex worked in the fields of communications and digital marketing across Asia, Europe and North America from large corporate multinationals including IBM and Baxter Healthcare to startups including Startup World, SmallPDF, and Appway.   Alex excels is strategic scenario planning and helps clients map possibilities for the road ahead.

As part of this expertise, Alex is dedicated to researching the social and financial impact of disruptive technologies like A.I. and Blockchain, shaping the thought process for clients and partners in learning how to think about a future that includes unprecedented innovation.