Capturing innovation as it happens

In the course of human history, technological innovation has never been as present and as tangible as it is today.

Innovation and technology are not only developed and sold by technology companies, but acknowledged and applied as the key to success across industries and value chains. However, until we started our quest in 2017, it was impossible to measure a company's true exposure to innovation. That's why we stepped up to innovate innovation investing.

The Singularity Sectors

Everything starts with our Singularity Sectors. Together with our Singularity Think Tank, we curate a selection of the most relevant technologies of our time. This ensures that our portfolio captures innovation leaders across countries, market caps, and industries to assure that we are not missing out on technological evolution.

By default, we are exposed to the most relevant technological phenomena. We don't predict, we invest in applied innovation. It's a diversified approach to create a timeless, yet highly progressive portfolio.

Singularity Think Tank

An Expert-Fueled Strategy


Practitioners know best

Unique to our strategy are the close ties to the Singularity Think Tank. Each a thought-leader in her or his field, many successful entrepreneurs and practitioners themselves, the think tank members help us to find and define the key areas in which exponential technologies for which we screen are actually viable.

Regular calls, quarterly meetings, and several task forces on relevant subjects are just a few constants to ensure a fruitful exchange and collaboration. The multidisciplinary task forces work across industries and either deliver concrete outputs or serve as sounding boards, providing guidance and feedback as a project progresses on several topics.


Innovation is measurable

Screening for applied innovation requires to cut through the market noise and hype. Our approach doesn't look at money spent, but money made. We own an Innovation Scoring system that allows us to assess a company's true exposure to innovation within one or more of our Singularity Sectors.

This matrix gives us the tools we need to quantify a company's innovation capacity. By introducing innovation as a metric, we enrich portfolios with adaptability and progress.

Meet the Experts

  • HonMun Yip

    Executive Vice President of TurtleTree

    Food- and biotechnology expert. Formerly held C-level positions at listed companies in Korea, Thailand, and a Government-to-Government JV in China. Three decades of expertise in running multinationals and managing family-owned companies in the Alternative Protein, Bio-Tech, Telecom and Food Tech space.

  • James Khedari

    Low Carbon Fuels Portfolio Developer at Viva Energy Australia

    James Khedari is a highly experienced energy industry professional. He brings a unique viewpoint to the clean energy sector, one which is focused on understanding the underlying economics of decarbonization and strong knowledge of emerging biofuels regulations, waste to energy technologies, and co-processing economics. 

  • Donnacha Daly, PhD

    Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programme at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU)

    Donnacha made a mark as an interdisciplinary innovator and entrepreneur, supporting executives in business transformation through the applied technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. His 25 years spanning career merges entrepreneurial and scholarly expertise

  • Andres Gujan

    Co-Founder of Carnot Capital

    Expert in renewable energies, smart buildings, power storage, future mobility and industry 4.0

  • Tommaso Bonanata

    Head of Investment Management at Base 58 Capital

    He is a former fund manager at Julius Baer and GAM Investment Management, focusing on emerging and frontier market equities.

  • Aleksandra W. Gadzala Tirziu, PhD

    Geopolitical expert

    Senior Nonresident Fellow, The Atlantic Council, lecturer at University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Zurich, Promotion in politics (University of Oxford).

  • John Orthwein

    Head of Blockchain and Decentralized Finance at i.AM Innovation Lab

    Former MakerDAO Ambassador for Switzerland, a systems auditor for the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), a founding member of MAMA, Multichain Asset Managers Association, and the former Head of Risk Engineering for the Melon (now Enzyme) Protocol.

  • Juergen Eck, PhD

    Founder and Advisor of Brain Biotech AG

    Former Chairman and CEO of Brain AG, biologist and biotechnology pioneer, innovator and multi-patent holder in biotech field.

  • Sebastian Guenther

    Innovation Consultant and Business Strategist at Accenture

    Big Data and AI expert.

  • Agnes Petit, PhD

    CEO and Founder of Mobbot

    PhD in Material & Cosmoscience, Cosmoscientist at NASA. Former Innovation Lead at Lafarge Holcim and CréaBeton.

  • Naveen Shamsudhin, PhD

    Founder and CTO of The Origin AG, Lecturer in Robotics at ETH Zurich

    PhD from ETH Zurich.

  • Collin Lee

    Executive for Space and Intelligence, General Dynamics Corporation

    Former Senior National Security Advisor to the US Congress.

  • Alexander Stumpfegger

    Head of Consulting at CID

    Innovator focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Management.

  • Dr. Ralf Schläpfer

    President Löwenberg Surselva Impact Lab and Schluein

    Former CEO of Tubis AG and Managing Partner at Big 4, expert in IoT and business transformation.

  • Simone Schürle, PhD

    Assistant Professor at ETH, Member of the Global Future Council at WEF

    Co-founder of MagnebotiX.

  • Laurenz Apiarius

    Founder and Managing Partner of Blockwall

    Senior Advisor to the OECD on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency policy.

  • Lukas Schleuniger

    Co-Founder Red or Blue Labs

    Former Business Developer at Dacuda AG.

  • André Hugentobler

    Global Innovation Director CASE at Trinseo

    Advanced Materials expert.

  • Tobias Reichmuth, PhD

    Co-founder The Singularity Group , Chairman and Founder of SUSI Partners

    Chairman at Crypto Finance AG, Board Member at Crypto Fund AG, Swiss sustainability pioneer.

  • Lars Jaeger, PhD

    Head of Alternative Risk Premia at GAM

    Scientist, writer and entrepreneur.

  • Daniel Gasteiger

    Founder and CEO of Procivis AG

  • Felix Reiff

    President of the Board of Directors of Bayer (Schweiz) AG

    President of the Board of Directors of Bayer CropScience AG, and CEO of Bayer Consumer Care AG.

  • David Orban

    Founder and Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures

    Investor, entrepreneur and key note speaker.

& SDGs
Disruption of
Status Quo
Progress Survival Resilience

The Inevitable Element

Applied innovation as a catalyst for resilience and sustainability

Our approach upgrades the traditional understanding of sustainability: applied innovation does not only preserve the present, but shapes the future for generations to come. Simply protecting the status quo is no longer enough. Achieving the aim of global sustainability requires the development of industrial systems as versatile as the forces around them. Investing in applied innovation is our way of rising to this challenge.

Business models designed only to survive move linearly. Business models designed to survive, adapt, and progress grow exponentially and demonstrate resilience - over and over again. The TSG Triad of Survival, Adaptability, and Progress works in unison, with innovation serving as the catalyst for reliable and sustainable change.


The first step in our investment process applies ESG and SDG- based criteria to exclude companies with a detrimental impact on society and the environment. However, applying exclusion criteria alone is an outdated approach to sustainability. We consider this the bare minimum.


The Singularity Index portfolio is positioned towards growth and change through applied innovation, and with that is built for survival and adaptation to an ever changing global environment.


Truly innovative companies do not only react to disruption, but proactively tackle the challenges of their times. Applied innovation - by default - accelerates progress.


Our Process in a Nutshell

Define areas of exponential innovation: Singularity Sectors

Our Singularity Think Tank helps us in understanding the value chain of Singularity Sectors.

Deeper analysis of innovation value chains and the companies active within them.

Match revenue reporting with innovation value chain.

Determine companies' overall revenue exposure to Singularity Sectors: Singularity Score

Monitor and reassess innovation value chain twice a year (May and November).


Henkel revolutionized the ordeal of doing laundry at the beginning of the 20th century and hasn't stopped innovating since. The company's history is a classic example of how necessity is the mother of invention - and sometimes even success.

John Deere

John Deere, an American blacksmith, founded the company in 1837. What sets John Deere apart is that the development and integration of its software has evolved to be even more innovative than the hardware.

Our Blog

Read more about the latest in applied innovation: content that has been inspired and fed by our close ties to the Singularity Think Tank on our Medium blog.

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