Smart water solutions

One of the most precious resources and at the same time destructive powers will be water in the future. Precious, because fresh water will be the next commodity to balance shortages and satisfy the world’s demand. Destructive, as with rising sea levels and climate change in general, floodings and extreme weather events will potentially create more damage than what we have seen so far. Xylem has concentrated its efforts on finding solutions to manage challenges and solve problems around “water”. Most of the company’s innovations are invisible to the eye, but literally unfold their magic underground - like the pump “Frygt Concertor” that uses Artificial Intelligence to manage sewage systems.

Xylem invented an “intelligent” sewage technology that helps to reduce water waste to a minimum. Sensors make “predictions”, which are the basis for the system to automatically regulate and react to supply and demand. In general the devices and solutions Xylem provides aim to add new solutions to an existing infrastructure. Digital tools when combined or integrated into water system assets can produce transformative change, reduce the impact on local ecosystems, and create major water, energy and cost savings. They scan, predict, recommend and prioritize actions, helping utilities to address urgent challenges, such as water lost due to leaking pipes, broken meters or unauthorized use and sewer overflows that pollute local waterways after severe weather events.

The awarded “Frygt Concertor” is a pump that reacts to operating conditions in real-time. “A synergy between software functions and state-of-the-art hardware,” Xylem states. The case of a pump station in Michigan that has applied the system, shows impressive results: Since its installation, the system has eliminated maintenance callouts entirely and reduced the number of spare pumps needed in the utility’s inventory and energy costs. Its ability to auto reverse during a “soft clog” has made the need to pull the pumps and clean them on a weekly basis superfluous, significantly reducing the risk of personnel injury to the maintenance teams.

Other solutions by Xylem serve sectors like agriculture, environmental monitoring and analysis, life sciences or food and beverages.