02Rethink Innovation Investments

We don’t use crystal balls to predict the future
- but data and brains

Investing in fast forward technology has been limited to relying on the obvious tech companies so far. However, this strategy is not only rather expensive, but also short-sighted. Our approach is different. We have mastered the art of screening for future viability: The core of our services is our investment methodology. Let’s explain why our philosophy is as pragmatic as it gets when it comes to identifying the impact of innovation and why true value creation is our main indicator.

Our Methodology

Our philosophy: Applied innovation in a set of selected tech sectors has a positive impact on future earnings, and with that - on performance. We aim to detect those companies with innovative processes, products and services in place, as this is more likely to lead to exponential growth in the future.

Our funnel is based on data analysis and expert insights to identify the 3.000 companies out of almost 50.000 that have already implemented pioneering technologies. We call it the Singularity Universe: a set of listed companies across all countries and industries, contributing to and benefitting from exponential innovation in 12 Singularity Sectors as identified by our Expert Advisory Board.

Our approach is holistic and mid-to long-term-oriented.

It takes into account that true growth is exponential and rooted in early adopted transformation processes. We look for actual value creation. Once a new tech hype surfaces, it comes with two variables: Firstly, it’s uncertain whether the technology makes the long-term breakthrough and secondly, if so, at which point in time existing companies implement it as part of their growth strategy and at which point in time this results in revenue. That’s exactly what we look at: the moment when a technology’s integration into an existing business leads to exponential innovation. As a result, we also identify those established companies that have incorporated new technologies and proven marketability allowing for technology-focused investment approach without needing to invest in overpriced new tech companies or technologies themselves.

Selected Singularity Sectors


To illustrate our investment strategy, we’d like to show you a few examples that made it into the Singularity Universe. What they all have in common: They don’t classify as tech companies, yet all are driven by innovation and have demonstrated the ability to create value for investors.

Singularity explained

Singularity is the point in time when artificial
exceeds human intelligence

Whether we actually get there is not our focus. The theory serves to emphasize the significance of unprecedented acceleration to rates of change altering our daily lives, the economy, companies and the way we need to think about investing.

Any company can be an innovation company but not all are. It is more important than ever for investors to hold the right names in their portfolios: conventional equity that is exposed to innovation in 3D Printing, A.I., Big Data, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, New Energy, Robotics, Space and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

We help you identify those names. With our unique methodology, we are the only ones to make sustainable, exponential innovation investible. We collaborate closely with international experts to always have our finger on the pulse of innovation.