Exponential Finance Summit 2019

By The Future of Finance, Today - 11.30.-0001

What To Expect: Two days in Zurich, one of the world’s largest financial centres, during which 500 Executives from all over Europe gather to discuss, connect and network with fellow leaders. Topics covered at the event include but are not limited to:

Investing in Exponentials: From Blockchain to Genomics, from AI to Energy:

Learn more about investing in exponential technologies and discover the emerging strategies that are fundamentally shifting the entire financial playing field.

Disrupting the Financial Landscape:

Take a look at how technology is disrupting banking, insurance and money itself: cryptocurrencies, quantum computing, blockchain, A.I., Big Data and more.

A New Perspective Change is Key:

Embrace a new perspective, and explore new and disruptive business models. Become aware of our position in this world of endless opportunities: it is essential to work together towards an abundant, sustainable, and brighter future for everybody

For more information, ticket booking and future updates, please visit: https://www.exponentialfinancesummit.com/

See the two-day agenda for the summit below or download the agenda in PDF form here.


Aura Club, Zurich CH