Expert Access - Robotics & Automation

By The Past, The Present and Grand Challenges - 11.30.-0001


How will we live in a world filled with intelligent robots in our everyday spaces? What will mass robotic assisted automation do to the world economy? Are we sowing the seeds of a plentiful utopia or nightmare dystopia?

Our robotics expert, Naveen Shamsudhin, Founder & CTO of The Origin AG and lecturer in Robotics at ETH Zurich, Multi-Scale Robotics Lab, will help breakdown the myths around the subject of robotics and automation, summarize the path of robotics to today, give us an understanding of where value is being generated in robotics now, and paint a clearer picture of the future of machine-human interaction to come.

Joining Naveen for a panel discussion and Q&A is Roland Dreyfus, PhD candidate at ETH Zurich's Multi-Scale Robotics Lab and CTO of Ophthorobotics, working on medical application robotics. More about Ophthorobotics here:

Join us on September 19 for our Expert Access event.

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