Expert Access - The Rise of Smart Nanosystems

By Featuring: Prof. Simone Schurle, PhD, Head of Responsive Biomedical Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich - 11.30.-0001

The semiconductor industry has long followed the goal of introducing more knowledge and power to ever smaller chips. Understanding what goes on on the nano-scale can help solve problems in other areas as well, such as healthcare, energy, consumer goods, and many more. Nanotech applications are impacting several exponential technologies and helping propel them to new heights. The only thing to keep in mind is: when we reach the nano-scale, many laws do not apply anymore.

Prof. Simone Schürle, Head of Responsive Biomedical Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich and member of our Expert Advisory Board will lead us through some of the challenges and opportunities Nanosystems offer. Join us to learn more about Nanotechnoloy and the link to value creation for investors.

Baur au Lac, Zurich