Singularity Reshoring

Invest in the Innovation Leaders behind the next Macrotrend

The Singularity Reshoring strategy gives investors exposure to key reshoring innovation domains across six dedicated themes: Automation Technology, Sustainable Resources and Infrastructure, Food Security and Sovereignty, Design and Engineering Software, Biomedical Engineering, and Semiconductors. Reshoring concerns the relocation of manufacturing and related business activities to domestic markets.

The strategy includes 50 companies with a high potential to reap the economic benefits from core reshoring innovations. The product structure is a UBS Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). It is available via Swissquote and other online trading platforms (ISIN: CH1251747387; Six-Ticker: QXEPGU; Valor: 125174738).

Singularity Sectors

Compute Power
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Networks & Connectivity
Advanced Materials
New Energy
Extended Reality

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