Innovation as an investing metric

Technology can solve a lot of problems but it's value is hard to identify outside the tech sector. Through our unique methodology, we give asset managers and investors an edge. How? By screening for applied innovation across sectors and industries globally. Our methodology allows us to map innovation as it happens. We are owners of an Innovation Scoring System to complement ESG concepts and to add innovation as an investing metric.

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Disruption of
Status Quo
Progress Survival Resilience

Adding the I for Innovation to ESG

Applied innovation is essential and indispensable in any company, system, or investment process aiming not only for survival, but for adaptability and progress. While ESG criteria can be used to exclude and avoid harmful effects, innovation helps to solve some of the world's biggest challenges and has a measurable impact.

Innovation is paramount to achieve resilient, sustainable, and ultimately circular systems. Our methodology gives you the tools to add the I for innovation to ESG. The Singularity Score is the first and only metric to quantify a company's exposure to viable innovation.

But what exactly are Singularity Scores?

Singularity Score

Measuring Innovation

Our Singularity Think Tank helps us continually update our understanding of value chains and cash flows within the Singularity Sectors. This information allows us to calculate the Singularity Score. It represents a company's exposure to currently relevant innovation value chains and ranges from zero to 100.

The Singularity Score is a unique innovation indicator and a key metric in the construction of our investment strategies.

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A Universe of Opportunities

Filtering for Applied Innovation

Starting Universe: 50’000 Equities 65 Countries
11 Conventional Sectors
Full Market Cap Range

Singularity Sectors

3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Internet of Things
Advanced Materials
New Energy
Virtual Reality


Our Process in a Nutshell

Define areas of exponential innovation: Singularity Sectors

Our Singularity Think Tank helps us in understanding the value chain of Singularity Sectors.

Deeper analysis of innovation value chains and the companies active within them.

Match revenue reporting with innovation value chain.

Determine companies' overall revenue exposure to Singularity Sectors: Singularity Score

Monitor and reassess innovation value chain twice a year (May and November).

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