The Opportunity

Exponential Innovation

Exponential progress is changing the way companies grow and generate earnings. Technological innovation is recognized as the key to success across industries and value chains. This changes the way we need to think about investing.

In order to benefit from these changes,
investors need to identify:

  • Sectors positively exposed to Singularity
  • Companies offering Singularity-relevant products and services
  • Companies’ exposure to Singularity
  • An investment vehicle giving representative exposure to these companies

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The Challenge


As of today, investment opportunities are numerous. However, there exists no simple, sound, and cost-effective vehicle to make exponential innovation investable outside the technology sector:

  • Over 630,000 publicly-traded stocks
  • Over 110,000 open-end mutual funds
  • About 70,000 open-end equity mutual funds
  • Over 350 equity sector mutual funds
  • All based on conservative and obsolete classification models
  • No simple way to incorporate exponential innovation into an investment portfolio
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The Solution

Making Singularity Investable

The Singularity Group has defined a pioneering approach to investing by defining a new classification system for Equities - based on Singularity Sectors.

The Nasdaq Singularity Index [NQ2045] - View

  • The first and only Global All-Cap, All-Sector Equity Index on Singularity
  • Powered by TSG, Sponsored by Nasdaq
  • Trademarked

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