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Innovation happens everywhere - not only in the tech sector

Identifying innovation incorporated in business models has been our expertise since 2017. We believe that every company can and should be an innovation company. Innovation has proven to be the defining factor for a company's adaptability, progress, and ultimately resilience and sustainable evolution way beyond ESG or SDG criteria. We filter for actual returns through innovation, and don’t get misled by money spent. We call this applied innovation, and that's how we make innovation investible across industries and sectors.

We are owners of the Singularity Index™, the global gold standard in innovation benchmarking - available to institutional, professional and retail investors via The Singularity Fund™. The Singularity Small & Mid extends our methodology to upcoming innovation leaders and The Singularity Reshoring focuses on the drivers behind the ongoing deglobalization mactrotrend. Find the SFDR Disclosure here.


Investing in the future requires an understanding of the present

Progress is built on foresight. Only those companies that incorporate innovation are positioned for long-term success. To understand how new technologies infiltrate and change business models, as well as how and where they emerge, we rely on the Singularity Think Tank. It is a group of industry practitioners and researchers that help us assess innovation as a constant rather than a cyclical phenomenon.

Our strategy covers all relevant technologies of our time. We call them the Singularity Sectors. Our Think Tank Members help us assess where and how innovation is happening within these sectors.


Measuring actual innovation

Our strategy captures the degree of a company's exposure to innovation across carefully curated Singularity Sectors. We're adding a metric to the investment decision and enriching ESG criteria with an I for Innovation - because only innovative companies are programmed for progress and sustainability.

Our portfolio does not rely on trends, but on facts and demonstrability. It is a diversified approach to always staying ahead of the time.


Where knowledge meets curiosity - meet the team

We are passionate about applied innovation and about making it accessible to all investors globally.

Get to know our team of dedicated professionals, our Singularity Think Tank, our Board of Directors, and our valued Partners.

Progress is our expertise. Exponentials too.

Follow the Singularity Strategy’s performance.

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