Tech Investing:
Reality vs Perception

In a Nutshell

We are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s not a science fiction scenario, it's reality. New technologies have shaped the way we live, interact, work and manufacture. Innovation is happening now - not in a distant, intangible future.

Which technologies have created value already, which have shown true viability and overall - which have proven the potential to perform in the long run? Our approach spans a wide range of companies, because every company is potentially an innovation company.

Meet The Singularity Group. Exclusive owners of the unique Singularity IndexTM and advisers to the Singularity Fund. Founded in Switzerland to conquer the Singularity Universe and skyrocket innovation investing.

01Access Applied Innovation as an Asset

Replacing traditional classifications with pioneering solutions

Identifying those established brands who have applied innovation early on to shape the future, gives investors an actual edge. With our investment strategy, we capture exponential innovation across industries, countries and technologies. We assess the presence of innovation on a permanent basis rather than as a cyclical phenomenon or temporary peak.

How to access our insights:

Either follow the unique Singularity Index™, trust us with your assets via the Singularity Fund, subscribe to our Data Service to build your own strategy or seek our dedicated Advice.

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02Rethink Innovation Investments

Our methodology? An innovation by itself

We combine a data driven approach with human expertise to select future-focused yet established companies that have applied technologies of the 12 singularity sectors already.

Our funnel identifies equities out of 50'000 for which we predict growth from exponential innovation and therefore - potential performance in the future. Further selection criteria are based on each clients’ existing portfolios and unique needs.

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03Meet the Singularity Group

Our quest to challenge the status quo - over and over again

Our dedicated team comprises experts in the field of asset management, entrepreneurship, technology and science. Get to know the heads behind The Singularity Group and learn more about how the idea to pioneer innovation investments came to life.

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